The Oceana County Council on Aging is a nonprofit agency that promotes and safeguards the independence and well being of individuals 60 years of age and older by providing services, information and support to the residents of the County.

The Goals of the Council:

  1. Provide leadership, consultation, and assistance.
  2. The Agency will continually gather, evaluate and disseminate information and resources.
  3. Coordinate with governmental and private organizations to develop needed resources.
The OCCOA currently has a staff of 30 dedicated, skilled and professional individuals who are committed to the mission of the organization in providing excellent service and care to older adults and their families of Oceana County.


To fundraise money for the OCCOA we recently organized a Walkathon on a track around our building. The participants were split into two teams: Team Seniors and Team Staff. In the end Team Seniors completed one more lap than Team Staff and therefore won the challenge.

The walkathon combined with the following pie auction raised over $4.000 in donations! We want to thank all participants and sponsors for this phenomenal support!

OCCOA Team Staff getting a bucket of water dumped on them for losing the walkathon.