The Oceana County Council on Aging offers various programs.


Breakfast is being served each Thursday morning. Apart from the changing main items on the menu, our breakfast includes coffee, tea, juice and toasted bread.
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All our meals are fresh and made from scratch, we don't serve any precooked meals. Our meal program is open to everyone, however, Seniors pay a reduced price.
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We have different fitness classes. Not only in Hart, but throughout the whole County!
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The Oceana County Council on Aging frequently offers health care clinics including: hearing clinics, foot care, health screenings, blood pressure monitoring, nutrition classes and other health care related services.
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The Council on Aging frequently provides recreational and social programs throughout the year including holiday parties, dinners out, ladies teas and movies.
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Tours & Travel

Our trips or outings and vacation packages to such places as Las Vegas, Chicago, Nova Scotia, Tuscany, and San Antonio.
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